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Blue Jean Blankie
Hope Star Blue Jean Quilt

Welcome to Blue Jean Blankie
Because one must start somewhere...
Helpful Hints
Save time! Avoid frustration! Learn from these mistakes instead of your own.
Hope Star Blankie - Finished!!
A pretty, easy pattern for turning blue jeans into blankies.
About the Blue Jean Blankie: Hope Star Pattern Book
Wherein I plug my newly available book version of the Hope Star pattern.
Scrap Blocks Blankie (WIP)
What to do with the four-inch scraps.
Roads and Rails Blankie (Beta)
What to do with the three-inch scraps.
Making Blankie Labels
How to label any quilt, including blankies.
Blue Jean Blankie Gallery
Enjoy photos of denim baby quilts.
Contact Me
Ask questions! Leave feedback! Share blankie photos!
Blue Jean Blankie Flyer and 1/4 page cards
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